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About Us

Kiddo Academy and Development Center Corporation was established in June 2005 with a vision to be an institution that will be renowned for its excellent approach in strengthening the foundations of young minds in pursuit of excellence and wellness.

Kiddo Academy is a DepEd-certified institution which offers Pre-K to Grade 1 Levels. It utilizes Developmental Approach in Learning which has been defined as:

Our developmental approach to learning support enables us to address the needs of a wider range of students, acknowledging that it is not helpful to categorise students as ‘vulnerable’, ‘at risk’ or ‘failing’. Rather it recognises that students, indeed maybe all students, need support for their learning at some point during their studies.” (Sue Bloy, Louise Buckingham and Mary Pillai, De Montfront University, https://www.dora.dmu.ac.uk/bitstream/handle/2086/1684/Using%20a%20Developmental%20Approach%20to%20Enhance%20Students’%20Learning.pdf?sequence=1).

This approach fuses the recommended K-12 program by the Philippine’s Department of Education and the more complex and evolving needs and demands of a diverse student body and the environment. Kiddo Academy continuously strives to provide an environment that is suitable for learning experience and to instill a proactive approach in the students’ learning by allowing them to experience and to get involved in the learning process and by providing them with the appropriate support.

Kiddo Academy attests in its commitment to meet the demands of the society by continuously strengthening its curriculum, program and facility to address the qualms not only of the students but including the parents, guardians, teachers and its community.

The programs include Regular, Playroom and Intensive Classes which cater to the varying needs of families and the community. The facility also provides the comfort and security that is most crucial to parents who have entrusted their children to us by providing an exclusive access to our In- and Out- room monitors (CCTV) which are viewable from the comforts of their own home.


Give opportunities for children to try their best while enjoying the learning activities; provide security in trying new things even in committing mistakes in order for them to know their limitations; that it is, not always being the best that will make them feel good about themselves; allow adults to treat the children with respect and dignity in order to give ample opportunities in confidence building and increase self-esteem.

We can accommodate children as young as 1 year 6 months old to 5 years old because we know that no loving parent would want their children to stay like the following:

  •     Loner Type
  •     Shy Type
  •     Always feeling bored
  •     Demonstrates lots of reservations and inhibitions
  •     Shows classical interest in hitting and hurting others

We intend to support the loving parents’ effort to make their children become:

  •     Imaginative
  •     Resourceful
  •     Creative
  •     Confident
  •     Cooperative
  •     Sensible


It envisions to be recognized as an institution renowned as a center for children’s wellness and academic excellence through its innovative and excellent approach in strengthening the foundations of the young minds by creating a suitable environment and providing appropriate support for their inquisitive and curious minds.


It commits itself to create opportunities for the children today to learn and explore the world around them utilizing innovative, attractive and interesting equipment, materials and instructional methodology.